How it works?
  1. All you have to do is place an order with us. We will quote all the total price and all related fees including the MYR10 CBS Fees.
  2. Once you bank in the money we will straight away buy it for you and all the onfirmation will be forward to you (if available)
  3. In case of no direct international shipping from the seller, an agent service will be used. (Domestic shipping fee, commission fees, bank fees etc may apply here)
  4. If No 3 apply, then there will be another shipping fees apply as from me to you.
  5. For international buyer all payment must be made in currency used by the website. 6% PayPal fees apply.
  6. For those who use Find it For Me Service. Once you accept to buy from the list given, service charge will apply.

Disclaimer : 
! MYR10 only apply to ONE order per transaction only.
! We will order it for you but all the shipping information will be yours. So the company will send the orders straight away to you.
The merchant or store does not ship the items to you
! The merchant makes an error or ships defective items
! You are not satisfied with the product
! You must pay additional customs, duties or other fees 

To place order please use this Order Form

Last updated on Nov 10 2012