How it works?

1. All you have to do is place an order with any merchant/seller you want.
2. Inform the merchant that you will be using our PayPal service to made payment.
3. Inform us that you will be using our PayPal service. Please use the form below.
4. Ask the merchant to send an invoice to our email.
5. Once we received the email we will inform you. We will convert the payment to MYR.
6. We will let you know the total exact amount + MYR10 CBS Service Fees.
7. Once you bank in the money we will straight away pay it for you to the merchant/seller.
8. We will forward confirmation send by PayPal to you as proof of payment.

! This service open to Malaysian/people who resides in Malaysia ONLY.
! MYR10 fees apply to per ONE transaction only.
! I will NOT responsible if:
     • The merchant or store does not ship the items to you
     • The merchant makes an error or ships defective items
     • You are not satisfied with the product
     • You must pay additional customs, duties or other fees

To place order please use this Service Form

Last updated on May 2 2012